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Interview: Wall $treet

An interesting Q & A with these high rollers from New York City. They will release their debut EP ‘Trading For Love’ mid September on the great Mysidian label.

1. Who is Wall $treet?

BB: Bill Benjamins.
DJ: Don Jones.

2. Where did Wall $treet meet?

BB, DJ: In the trading room at Goldman.

3. What role does Wall Street play in your life? Are you stock traders, brokers?

BB: Wall Street is more of a way of life, I retired at age 24 to focus on doing nothing.

DJ: We’re the house band at their lavish parties.

4. What’s the typical day in the life of Wall $treet?

BB, DJ: Choby Ciao (our manager) wakes us up in the morning with a few snorts, then we head to the floor to hustle some returns (8 figs minimum).

5. What’s does Wall $treet enjoy more, money or music?

BB: None of these, only power matters.

DJ: Expensive synths.

6. Can you explain the titles of some of the tracks on the upcoming record? Looking at the titles “Greed” and “Victim” one might suspect Wall $treet of speaking out on the darker side of this institution.

BB: Greed is an anthem with one message: Greed is good. Victim started off as a spoof of “Diamond” by Via Verdi (#1 hit in Italy during the summer of 1986) but ended up as a dark disco track.

DJ: The dark side reaps profits.

7. What role does music play in the lives of Wall $treet? Is it strictly business, a way to make more dough? Or an outlet for two people that work much too hard all day?

BB: A mere hobby for young bored billionaires.

DJ: Another means of excess.


8. In the well-known movie “Trading Places” about a commodities broker and street hustler what character would you guys be and why?

BB: The White one.

DJ: Eddie

9. Does Wall $treet have a specific set of gear that is used for recording and live shows or is it always changing? What gear is used?

BB, DJ: We don’t like telling our trade secrets but everything is acoustic.

10. Wall $treet has already performed a live show that had industry insiders raving. Do you plan on doing more? A tour even?

BB: We have been talking to the board about it, our level of confidence regarding this matter is very high.

11. What do you hope to accomplish with the upcoming record?

BB: Monopoly.

DJ: Commodities.

12. What’s the meaning behind Trading Floor Love? Do you believe love can be found at Wall Street?

DJ: Everyone’s got a price.

13. What’s your favorite (U.S. Currency) denomination? Why?

BB, DJ: Benjamins obviously.

14. Who’s your favorite investor of the 20th/21st century?

BB: Bernie Madoff

DJ: Warren Buffet

wall street photo 2

15. Where does Wall $treet draw it’s inspiration from musically as well as philosophically?

DJ: Wine, women, and money.

16. Can you give your fans out there any tips on any companies to invest in?

BB: Just send us all your money to this account (0093932 Geneva), I also take credit cards (don’t forget the expiration date and security number) and blank checks.

17. What drew Wall $treet to play the specific music that they do?

BB: Insider Trading.

DJ: High-profile handshakes.

18. Please give us Wall $treet’s top 5 Wall Street-related or money-related songs?

Scotch – Money Runner

Mozzart – Money

Mirage – Just One More Chance

Man Parrish – Heatstroke

Felli – Diamond In The Night

19. What does the future hold for Wall $treet?

BB: Futures.

DJ: Mergers and acquisitions.

20. Living in NY, there’s a noticeable gap in lifestyle between those in Upper East Side, Park Ave, and those in the slums. Is this a problem? Can it be solved?

BB: It could be solved by erecting a wall around the island of Manhattan and making the rest of the United states into a high security prison.

DJ: I never take the subway, so I wouldn’t know.

21. Who or what does Wall $treet listen to while trading?

BB: Wall Street of course.

DJ: High NRG.

22. What is Wall $treet’s favorite piece of gear?

DJ: That’s Insider information..

23. Do you see your music as a means of widening the gap between park ave and those that live in the bronx? Can this album be seen as a call to arms for the rich to protect their assets?

BB: Our motive transcend social classes, it is a call for everyone to embrace greed as their life motto.

WallStreet -FRONTkopie

24. What do you think about doing a track that follows the path of a particular stocks trading over a period of time?

BB: That doesn’t sound very profitable.

DJ: Our tracks usually follow the dynamics of a fresh new stock.. Climax and descent.

25. A few years back there was a movement known as Occupy Wall Street that made a big stir in the country and beyond. What are your thoughts on OWS?

BB: My friend lost his job and occupied my couch for 3 months, I don’t know if that counts.

26. Are there any similarities between music & money?

BB: the letter M?

DJ: Women.

27. Can you tell us who the group will vote for in the upcoming elections in order to help protect Wall Street?

BB: We won’t be able to vote in the next elections since we both are citizens of the Cayman Islands.

DJ: I always vote Green. My favorite color…

28. Where is a dream venue for Wall $treet to perform a live show at?

BB: Inside of fort knox.

DJ: Federal Reserve.

29. Any shout outs, last comments, etc.?

DJ: The Dow is Up.

Questions from fans:

1. Do you feel even an ounce of shame anytime revenue from an album sale trickles in, which moves you a millimeter closer to the “top 1%”?

BB: We actually are in the top 0.1%.

2. NY is known for it’s bagels. What type of bagel is Wall $treet?

BB: Everything

DJ: Extra cheese bagel

The Trading For Love EP is out mid September on Mysidian.