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Serie d’Oro: Flemming Dalum – The Mad Scientist

Bordello A Parigi had the chance to dig up some unreleased Flemming Dalum gold from the now defunct Roller Disco Records archives. We present Serie d’Oro!

Roller Disco Records began in 2010 in the UK with a focus on releasing DJ mixes containing obscure and overlooked sub-genres of italo and European 80s. In Serie d’Oro, the mix archives are flung wide open with unreleased DJ mixes from Flemming Dalum. The first mix ‘The Mad Scientist’ is a concoction of experimental and obscure italo records from the laboratory of the King Of The Cut. Some of the records in this mix are from 1980 and sound advanced even today, 35 years later.

Mad Scientist intro
Harmony Orchestra – Silver
Rago and Farina – Twist 86
Negro – Space Opera
Radar – Una Splendida Emicrania
Giusy Dej – Follow Me
My Mine – Stone
Meo – Mondays Coma
Harmony Orchestra – Driving Road
Macario Alberto & Mariangela Rodin – Gulp It
Rago and Farina – Downtown
Macario Alberto & Mariangela Rodin – Madfilth
My Mine – Juaresh
Macario Alberto & Mariangela Rodin – Inquinamento
RA – Alexander
C.O.M.A. – Crazy Missile
Meo – Alichuma