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Video: Uabos – Dusk



UABOS, aka Matteo Pepe, is a young and rising star from the fashion capital of Europe. This Milan musician melts the Mediterranean with 707 attitude, connecting his homeland with the iconic floor grooves of Chicago. Warbling acid warmth gives way to spiralling female samples as “Dusk” sets in. The track is pure golden sunshine. Tweaked bars are woven through clean drums to form an energy-filled track of explosive properties. Polished rhythm patterns scaffold the EP. From this solid base flow clever melodies and dancefloor subtlety. 303s trickle against thick and rich chords for the textured tones of “ABC Dream”. UABOS grabs his audience, holding them with hypnotic harmonies and an entrancing elegance. But with that is an intoxicating funk, one epitomized in “The Drill”. Toms and pads introduce. Snares snap as a deep and dense build is constructed, layers bubbling arpeggios support cascading chords for a Chitown streaked disco romp. The finale, “Squash”, is living musical liquid. A syrup of synthesized squawk squirms under soaring notes and crisp beats for a jackin’ infusion. Buy here.