AIR LQD Repeat Itself LP


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Long overdue, here comes AIR LQD’s first full-length player, Repeat Itself, making up for the direct follow-up of his acclaimed vinyl debut released on the label in 2016. Mixing science fiction, social criticism and punk ethics in the most cryptic fashion, the latest entry in the discography of the taciturn Belgian groove-maker sees him pushing further his electronic experimentation. Delving into the meanders of the human consciousness through hazy and abrasive rituals, brainpowered by robotics, artificial intelligence and urban metamorphism. The weird looping echo of a man-machine drifting through a vortex of feral scratches and overworked machinery. Slowly moving towards the event horizon of a supermassive black hole, leading to unexpected aural aberrations full of hidden, past and new meanings. Giving a last disillusioned glance at our human condition facing technological progress and the toxicity of the outside world.

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