Alkalino Edits 12”

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‘Make It Funky’ is an edit / rework of Rim and Kasa ‘Love Me For Real’ taken from the sought after 1982 12″ ‘Too Tough’ on Sum Sum Records. Alkaline has toughened it up in the percussion section to enhance the serious pig skin workout that drives this Afro Boogie bomb… And the vocals will have the dance floor shouting out in unison…

‘Drums of Kenya’ is a heavy disco inspired African cut destined for heavy dancefloor action which as the title says, ‘Drums of Kenya’, 7+ minutes of percussion heaven that will work the dancers hard. The version cuts the chaff from the original cut, ‘Shining Star’ by The Stranger which was released on Unidisc out of Canada in 1979 and go straight for the jugular with the incredible conga workout.

‘Lion of Zimbabwe’ is a gentle touch up of Butsu Mutandarika by Thomas Mapfumo & The Blacks Un-limited featuring Jonah Sithole with added percussion to underpin the whole track and looping up the solid African groove, this will work wonders on the right floors…

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