Caustic 14 BM07 EP

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Sebastian S. (aka Caustic 14) returns to the label with two previously unreleased tracks found in his personal archive. “ Excalibur ” was produced in tandem with Mike during the last session the pair ever did in Sebastian’s studio (Z’ha’dum) in 1996. It’s a vibrant hommage to their common passion outside of music: Sci-fi. This track refers specifically to the series Babylon 5, which was a revolution in the genre, and the first tv series to out do StarTrek( the intergalactic reference since the early 1960’s). The idea of being “united against darkness” was key to the series, and the motto remained essential for Sebastian, Mike and Deg’s music productions, collaborations, live shows and dj sets. The influence of what had been a passion since childhood can be felt in their sound: unconsciously they had dreamt up the soundtrack to their own space journey.

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