DJ Dem DC004 12″



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I started making these tracks without much of a plan of how I would want them to turn out, other than that I desired something to sound ethereal, weightless but also palpable. After looking for hours outside of my window, watching the subtle movements of the elements in the sky and listening to the sounds I was making and letting them do their own thing, things started to shape in a way that felt effortless and natural. The sounds I had created were moving on the vertical and horizontal axis in a micro and a macro level, but also in and out of the depth axis. Beat rhythms and basslines were intertwined with a web of never resting sound modulations, mixed with sinusoidal pads, chimes and hidden bird voices, creating an other-sound-wordliness, for an otherworldly club space.

This personal attempt of simulating and re-interpreting the flow of nature’s phenomena, produced the two tracks, “Ektos” and “En”, that comprise Disk Capita’s new release.

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