Lucien & The Kimono Orchestra Hayao’s Garden LP



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French electro-pop band Lucien & The Kimono Orchestra presents Hayao’s Garden, their new EP, which closes the triptych of the two previous albums. This is an imaginary road trip in agreement with the previous records, we find the usual groove to psychedelic flights while keeping these melancholic melodies dear to Kimonos. The beginnings of this EP are also based on remarkable encounters, especially with Gregory (Point G), the spiritual guide who pushes to introspective work. And then many more crusaders on the way. It is also the meeting of four musicians, who knew each other for a long time and waited for the moment of the regrouping: they will form together Lucien & The Kimono Orchestra. Ritournelles with melodies close to the variety and music of 80’s French movies, Japanese funk, this opus is romantic and delicate. There is a desire to be naive, light and free at the same time, to be caught by the movement of clouds in the sky.

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