Scott Franka & Kaap Poise 12”

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After releasing their first two releases on one disc, the third release on Amsterdam imprint Working Titles is a release on its own. Label founders Scott Franka & Kaap are behind the label’s third release that features two epic tracks from the Dutch pair and again finds them exploring new and exciting techno territory with their lively machine jams.

First track ‘Poise I’ is a deep and dubbed out techno track with deft synths slowly shapeshifting and bringing sombreness to the quickened groove. It’s late night music to zone you out with sparse but rich detailing to keep your mind occupied and it gets ever-busier over the course of thirteen enthralling minutes. Then ‘Poise II’ is a 16 minute masterpiece that is watery and dubby. It has undulating synth currents and increasingly textured snares. Building to a peak then pulling back, with occasional freaky vocal sounds and sci-fi motifs, it is a truly cinematic piece that closes out an ambitious EP.

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