Stiletti-Ana Saturn 02 12”

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MM Discos are back with a new chapter of their series ‘Saturns’. After the successful ‘Saturn 01’ signed by the Italian duo Marvin & Guy, Helsinki based producer Stiletti-Ana, well known after great works at ‘Sex Tags UFO’, ‘I’m a Cliche’ or ‘Haista’, is the man who signs the second release of the series. Focusing his sound into an industrial post-apocalyptic landscape.

Following the dark sounds of the series ‘MM Saturns’, here you will get into a ‘Lynchian trip’, an experimental jam that for sure will make the delights of the obscure-asymmetric sounds lovers. ‘Modern Obscure Music’s’ Capo, Pedro Vian takes over the controls on the B-side leaving his own personal style; that means epic, dark and danceable in equal parts.

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