Too Smooth Christ Angels And Voices LP



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The smoothest of God’s children, “Too Smooth Christ” popped up on our radar just over a year back (probably late to the party) with a stunning and well received split-debut, “José & Christ Lost Relics” on FH favorite imprint “Ville Nouvelle”. Stellar offerings followed, with a sumptuous return to VN and a stand-out release on Parisian imprint, “Fuego International” – firmly cementing Christ as one of our favourite artists while sufficiently feeding the masses with high-grade wax – not fish (no more biblical puns – we promise).

Amongst a flurry of forthcoming bits, comes fittingly titled “Angles and Voices” – an avant-garde yet ethereal 8 cut LP on the highly consummate “Nocta Numerica Records”, showcasing the creators breadth and depth in artistic ability.

You glide out of your own body, coaxed by the celestial synths and reassuring melody – voice like and dulcet. All is well, though, nothing to fear, you’re going on a divine journey. Where you’re headed there are no worries, only harmony. Heaven, Elysium, Arcadia or Valhalla, it doesn’t matter what you call it, all that’s important is the journey; let Too Smooth Christ get you there.

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