5 Years Of Goldmin Music 12″

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Goldmin Music

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In celebration of 5 thrilling and inspiring years of work, we’ve gathered well-known artists, Goldmin regulars and emerging talents for a new compilation of Various Artists 12s”. It was really important for us that the compilation express the elusive nature of the Goldmin sound. Over the past 5 years, we’ve had the chance to meet most of these artists in person, and follow their very own creative paths, as well as share thoughts and ideas. They’ve all had their own part to play in crafting the sound of the label. What it comes down to is a genre defining selection devoid of any specific standard or norm. The compilation reflects the unique sound which has grown throughout our whole catalogue, since the label’s birth 5years ago. That’s why, picking this selection of tracks, that we feel illustrate Goldmin Music’s essential freedom was one of toughest things we’ve ever done. It was also important to pick only the most original and iconic tracks from each artist. In the end each track had to be their most Goldmin one and they’ve all been tried in all types of situations, in club at 1 and 5 AM, on the highway at night or even staring at the ceiling during a sleepless insomnia session, and they all fullfilled their duty!
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