Martin Dupont The Lights (Mick Wills Edits) 12″



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Second Edits Ep from Mick Wills on Vielspass/Prego with courtesy of Alain Seghir. «The lights» is a New Wave anthemn carried out by one of the most talented and obscure french band of the eighties : Martin Dupont. Deeply romantic «the light goes through my mouth» and «He saw the Light» are enhanced by the Dx7 amazing synths atmospheres, both tracks shaped into Mick Wills stunning club versions. This release is inspired by Natalie Ann’s love for Martin Dupont’s «The Light Goes Through My Mouth», helped by the magic touch of Isabella Venis associated to Knappy Kaiserknappy for the design / Artwork and thanks to Isolator for the Mastering. Future Classic

“Cult, mythical, legendary… these few adjectives qualify well Martin Dupont, the “electric-new-wave-with-clarinet” trio. They were formed at the dawn of the eighties in Marseille. The mystery that surrounded the group (started with it’s name) founded by two girls Catherine Loy who was quickly replaced by the english clarinet/synthesiser player, Beverley Crew, by Brigitte Balian (guitariste/synthesiser) and also by the brilliant bass player (and synthesiser!) Alain Seghir, went on to create the french New Order. It must be said, that the enigmatic album covers of the label Facteurs d’Ambiance, signed Yves Cheynet, played a large part in the aura that surrounded Martin Dupont.
The success was immediate, and after the band members separated  in 1989, leaving behind a mini and two fantastique albums, everything was set for Martin Dupont to become a true myth. Their luminous, modest and on edge music was very innovative coming out of the beaten tracks of new wave from back in the day. We can confirm that 30 years later: It has never been equaled. How many musicians today from all borders can talk about their veneration and respect for Martin Dupont? It is a whole generation of electro artists (but not only) inspired by the sweet madness of Alain, tempered by the imagination and sensitivity of Brigitte, Catherine and Beverley. And of course all those who visited them in the studio and who were invited to participate in a spirit of openness and freshness, uncommon in this environnement. Repressed, remixed and redistributed in 2017, is only justice as Martin Dupont remains eternal and modern. Listen to it, you will not forget them.”

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