Vector Trancer Opening The Inner Gates 1 EP

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New myths; remember downstream, the truth and sacred geometry. Unlikely and bright, it weighs waves like an anchor through pinch unconscious – unread and still.

We are understanding – process born from fact. The rope is taut, calm, made of ritual and leading us back – but in telling it transforms; pre-linguistic, stamped, fully dynamic, the start refracts into new versions and inwards we fold. It remains rhythm in absence, but grows as we watch.

Next thread drawn from the Mirror Zone, this one built by Vector Trancer. Our plate reads panoptic; dark dub and ambient loaded with psychoactive EBM. See further; MSB’s vital experiments powered by half-speed Beat Box; distant Objets D’Art channelling through Namlook’s Fax; pared down FSoL at the hands of Autocreation. Celestial fringe echoes, viridis mantra, and guttural/ceremony trudge.

Direct knowledge, heavy and charged.

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