Paume De Pierre LP



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Born in Brussels in 2018, Sage Alyte is the brainchild of  Roxane Métayer (Disques du chevet, Morc, Krut) and David Jarrín Zabala (Disposición Asoleada, Lexi Disques). In its early days, the duo focused on live performances and the joy of intuitively composing and playing. Dressed in black, with the gravity of hypnotising snakes, they played fiery and enveloping melodies in local squats, cafés and small theatres. Seeking to materialise the fleeting and fascinating phenomena of nature, Sage Alyte has designed a grapevine of visions using a sober array of instruments (violin, banjo, gongs and bird calls) that evoke the scent of stone mortars milling cumin, pepper, cinnamon and herbs, or even those forest rocks that open like hands to dew, to dead leaves and branches that through their interlacing veins reflect starry skies, lights chasing the exact definition of dragonflies, water spiders, beetles, the muzzle of a horse, the shadow of an owl. All eight pieces of the album aim to create new ceremonies and rites and thus edge nearer to traditional music from the Andes or France.
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