Bordello Radio #47 – Andrew Claristidge

Andrew Claristidge, originally from Grenoble, member of Acid Washed (Record Makers/Paris) and Mount Kismet (Disco Halal) is a composer, producer, DJ and live performer. He was also involved in different acclaimed projects like Sex In Dallas, Los Massieras, Strangelets, etc. His music oscillates without any frontiers, from Techno to Pop, Ambient to Electro and Psychedelic experiments to New Wave. Andrew delivered us this mix with the name ‘Dance Epidemix’ already a while ago. A different connotation of the title obviously appeared for us in the meantime. The perfect mix to kick off our Bordello Radio series for 2020 and infuse us with a great selection of music. Enjoy!


Cosmo Vitelli – Un Episode Psychotique (Les Disques De La Mort)
Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor – Meh’chanic (Rattlesnake)
C.A.R. – Pressure Drop (Suzanne Kraft Remix) (Ransom Note)
Nark – The Playing Field (Bottom Forty Records)
Field of Dreams – Rebuild (Tici Taci)
Inigo Vontier – Chiquitita On Acid (Lumière Noire)
Johannes Albert – Milieu (Kiwi Remix) (Frank Music)
Andrew Claristidge & Workerpoor – Slow Uppercut (Cristiano Roberto Remix) (Nightnoise)
Yuan – Avance (Ghost Culture Remix) (Viscera)
Ali X – The Pig (Controlla)
Younger Than Me – No Regrets (Curses Remix) (Nein Records)
Mount Kismet – Mount Kismet (Disco Halal)
Andrew Claristidge – Le Chant De L’enfant À La Rivière (Mille Feuilles)

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