Giro d’Italo – From Zurich With Love

In 2019 Gitano and M.D.M.O. launched their project «Giro d’Italo». A podcast series on Soundcloud where they host a bunch of first-class DJ’s of the Italo scene from all over the world. The idea is to present the wide range of different styles of Italo in all its varieties. And also to show Italo’s influence on other genres in the electronic music scene.

Up for pre-order, exclusively at Bordello A Parigi, are two very limited edition «Giro d’Italo» fan shirts. A pink/black silkscreen print on a black/pink unisex t-shirt. They will be shipped out, symbolically, on the 9th of May.

To show some love to Italy who got heavily hit by the Covid-19 virus, they will donate 5 euro per shirt to «Samaritan’s Purse». An organization that is actually helping in Italy and some other countries to fight this f***ing virus. They are glad about every euro they can get to cover their costs. Like a 68-bed emergency field hospital was transported to Italy using a cargo plane and opened in Cremona, near Milan, on Friday (March 20). With the mobile hospital, Samaritan’s Purse provides 20 tons of medical equipment and a special ventilation station specially developed for the Coronavirus. Over 65 civil protection specialists are on-site to provide immediate help for those affected by Covid-19.

The Giro d’Italo Podcast

Andri Conrad aka Gitano and Marco Donada aka M.D.M.O. are two passionate vinyl collectors based in Zurich. They regularly play in clubs and bars all around the city. Also on radio stations like and or on podcasts on the web like Bordello Radio or Welcome to Rimini, you can hear them from time to time. 

April 15, 2020