DJ Rocca Basic Drink 12″

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Shara Music starts 2017 with the second vinyl of our label called “Basic Drink”.Signed by one of the most prolific Italian producers of this past 2016, Dj Rocca. Also along with the Marc Piñol remix. It’s the beggining of a year loaded with great references.

A vinyl that consists of 4 cuts, 3 originals plus the Piñol remix. A new bet for the slow European sound. As a prolific prolific producer Rocca this time show us that electronic music is experiencing a great artistic moment, in which more and more sophisticated producers opt for quality harmonies, arpeggios, solos and other musical aspects. A palette of sounds that cover diverse styles like the Funk, Disco or hippest House and perfect for the most cultured sessions.

The remix by Marc piñol revolves around a more minimal world but with a great Techno feeling. Darkness of quality and a long journey to mix.

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