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Nasca Nasca LP

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Most of the october nights in 1987 you could find Gerry Vergult (Aroma Di Amore / Fred A. / Adult Fantasies) and Gerrit Valckenaers (Adult Fantasies /The Colorist Orchestra / multi-instrumentalist) in a desolated Top studio in Gent. At that time and place they sneakily crafted and shaped this Nasca record while they were supposed to finish a new Fred A. record. They created an abstract universe where minimal post-punk basslines blend together with radio sounds in ‘Nothing Toulouse’, tropical tribal vibes oscillates between futuristic nostalgia and hunted dreams in ‘Ketama’ and ‘Ritz’, a sampled heartbeat slowly mutates in mesmerising midnight jazz and a drugged out dub groove of ‘Kamayacha’ transforms into the inner city blues of ‘Josaphat’.

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