Rude 66 Secret Treaties II: Echoes From A Dark Empire REEL + CD

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As a follow-up to the first Secret Treaties album, Rude 66 delves further into the world’s darkest and most evil forces. This time focusing on Africa, Echoes of a Dark Empire is a dark and experimental musical journey into the minds of the continent’s most evil and grotesque leading figures like Macías Nguema, Jean-Bedel Bokassa, Idi Amin and King Leopold of Belgium.

All tracks and sounds by Rude 66. This album was recorded on analogue 8-track tape, then directly mixed down to the 2-track reel in this package at 7,5 IPS/ 19 cm/sec. Recording is tails-out, so rewind before playing.

Limited edition of 42 hand numbered packages, containing a custom box, reel, cd, and insert.

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