Chavalo 12″


Forced Nostalgia

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Blitzzega is the electronic project of Bjorn Eriksson. Bjorn is a famous Antwerp composer, guitar player and lead member of bands like Maxon Blewiitt, Eriksson Delcroix (together with his wife Nathalie Delcroix, better known from female folk group Laïs) and The Broken Circle Breakdown Bluegrass Band (responsible for the mighty soundtrack for the highly acclaimed movie “The Broken Circle Breakdown”). Although Eriksson grew up with country & western he – like many others of his generation here in Belgium – fell in love with electronic music thanks to the NEW-BEAT mania in the late 80s. Chavalo, Blitzzega’s very first vinyl maxi, is a groovy sing-along electro bomb. It features the fantastic voice of Nathalie Delcroix and comes in 4 variations: Original version, a remix by Bjorn Eriksson himself, a remix by Milan W (JJ Funhouse, Ekster) and a remix by acid overlord Freddie Fresh (Analog, USA).

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