Crystal Sea 12″


Feel my Bicep

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For the first Feel My Bicep release of the year, Brassica follows up on his previous FMB outing ‘Time Tunnel’ with a new 4-track EP entitled ‘Crystal Sea’.

Brassica embodies the electronic music of Folkestone-based Mike Wright. His sound is invented by harnessing warm memories of music-past, exploring the overlaps between 90s Electronica, 80s Synth-Music, 70s Prog, and 60s Experimental Electronics – combined with modern production techniques and a deep love for Soundtrack-esque narratives.

His return to the FMB label with ‘Crystal Sea’ is hotly anticipated – 4 fictitious journeys composed by staring into the abyss and placing one foot in front of the other. The compass moves this time towards early memories of the Electronica and Dance music he found so inspiring, to a time of abandoning his teenage Metal bands and beginning to dream of new musical territories. With a tighter sound, clearer focus, and commitment to this unexpected trajectory, these tracks mark both the beginning of a new chapter and a spiritual full-circle for Brassica.


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