Bubastis / Reasons For A War 12″


Dark Leader

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New Portland based label, Dark Leader, emerges with it’s premier release featuring two gritty masterpieces to lose your mind to on the dance floor. “Reasons for War,” a heavy techno track by DRVG CVLTVRE, transports you to the iconic volleyball scene from, “Top Gun,” if it were being played by a group of ruthless Terminators.  EMILE STRUNZ’s track, “Bubastis,” named after the ancient city of the cat goddess Bast, will lure you into a sweaty, Egyptian-tinged hypnosis.  Limited release worldwide, Dark Leader 001 is housed in full color jackets featuring artwork by Koen Delaere, designed by Eric Adrian Lee and mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk.
US import
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SKU: DL001