Intermissions EP

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Emerging from the flourishing house scene in Århus, Forte is one of the most exciting producers to make his debut in Denmark in the past years. Having produced and released music under various monikers, Forte debuted in 2017 as Forte with the excellent mini album Techne on 12recs and the standout EP ”Away” on ØEN Records. Intermissions is Forte’s first full length album. Composed and recorded in Århus during 2018 Intermissions consists of six tracks and five interludes and is a study of, and tribute to, intermissions.

Across the albums eleven cuts, Forte effortlessly traverse between ethereal dreamy vibes, intricate electronica and bustling rhythmic explorations. Stretching far beyond the traditional house music boundaries, Forte’s layered and intricate compositions constantly balances melancholic and elevating atmospheres. Perfectly suited whether you are lounging in the living room, standing on a train platform or at discerning and esoteric dance floors. Out on vinyl and digital June 22.

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