Cream Parade Remixes 12″


Le Pacifique Records / Igloo Records

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In an effort to dive back into electronic music like in its early pre-jazz days, the 40-year-old dinosaur of a label IGLOO is teaming up with fellow Brussels-based  and significantly younger label Le Pacifique Records. The latter selected two tracks from Manu Louis’ latest album “Cream Parade” and gave them to producers for a dancefloor-friendly remix treatment, marked by a strong sense of paranoia.

The Belgo-Italian duo Front De Cadeaux went for a trademark slow, dark, trippy rumbler with their “Tinfoil Hat Mix” whereas the Frenchman Too Smooth Christ opted for a more housey, melancholic interpretation in his “Heartbreak Mix”.

But who is this Manu Louis guy whose tracks were the starting point?

– Wearing a tinfoil hat has stopped the government from spying on me; however, it has also stopped my wife from loving me. Buy this record so that I can build a tinfoil house –

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