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Is It Electro ? Hip Hop ? Techno? House ? Funk? Disco? Balearic ? Obscure ? It’s all up to you . Ottagono Design Of Music is back introducing from its italian headquarter the Japanese crossover Hoodoo Fushimi ‘s Oto (sound) Imprint . Fushimi Sensei from his private studio in Yokosuka (the city where he is born ) during 1979 -1993 used to work on many projects , producing different music albums , working as painter and illustrator , working also for a few Japanese magazines as music writer and English translator . Nowadays for many people he is considered one of the Electro Disco Tech Funk japanese pioneers/ innovators . Tamaran released during 1989 was available only on CD format on Syntax ( ’89 was the boom of CD Japanese Market ) for the Japanese Local Market becoming a true hard to find during the years , finally thanks to Ottagono after 30 years it takes the first official vinyl release . The Japanese Fushimi sound trademark looks still beautiful, fresh and powerful ( from the Japanese word utsukushii) with influences that remind early Afrika Bambata, Cybotron , Egyptian Lover , De Lasoul . Tamaran is featured by the club Hit “ Kaette Ne ” where Fushimi joining with singer Harka made a love song where still today it seems a true manifesto to Chicago Warehouse, New York Paradise Garage , it is something like a true mix of early Joe Claussell Instant House/Jungle Sounds, Chicago Trax Records with some reminiscence of Nami Shimada and Soichi Terada . We are sure that Larry Levan and Frankie Knuckles would have liked to play at that time if only had a chance to have this pearl in their hands at that time . Claudio Mate from his musical vision after introducing Zen Oikawa Studio Ghibli director with the first Ottagono release remarks the Otaku Sound concept , where Artists ,Producers, Musicians from the land of Rising Sun are responsible of Soundtracks for Anime , Video Games , Drama Live Action , Movies as at same time fathers also of a few pieces such as of Underground Music, indeed more recently Hoodoo Fushimi Ongaku (Music) got featuring over a few episodes of Giri/ Haji the cult Netflix Uk/ Japanese Drama series . Claudio and Fushimi Sensei together introduce one more time another Italian /Japanese connection impossible to lose !!

Claudio Says : Thank you Shani… I know who you are


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