JIN 02 (w/ Dawl & Sheen and Sunsiaré Remixes) EP



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JIN’s 2nd EP storms out the gate with Hong Kong’s finest Mr. Ho. The Klasse Wreck’s head honcho boss drops three originals.

A1 “Holy Smokes” is a slow-motion, acid-flavored chugger, making one feel like snake-rolling through Hong Kong’s urban jungle. B1 “Not Good with Others,” a no BS bassy and bossy track, swings with a filthy kick from the get-go. The EP finishes with B3 “Emo Springs”, which blends futuristic jungle, tribal, house, and juicy basslines into a must-get dance floor heater.

Added are two sonic-weapon-remixes:

On A2 UK OG duo Dawl & Sween hits all the cylinders with mean breakbeat banger remix of “Holy Smokes.” On B2 Hong Kong’s 宀 Club’s music curator Sunsiaré runs “Emo Spring” through an electrifying old school jungle reshape, leaving all buzzed by his sonic assault.

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