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Akoya Circles

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Unpredictable trip through future-facing electro, hardcore and ambient influences on this 7th release of Akoya Circles. Parco Palaz returning to the label with a driving EP that blends influences from across the dancefloor continuum. Beginning with the physical and urgent ‘Sword’, a cerebral dose of body music that unravels layers and layers of cybernetic detail, Palaz immediately takes the EP in myriad uncompromising and unexpected directions. ‘Nomadology’ slaps with a raging, bass heavy energy inspired by the cross- cultural, halcyon days of UK rave culture, hitting harder with each breakdown and mutating around a cosmic MC sample. ‘Burning Heart’ is deeper but no less infectious, a sly blend of liquid funk and futuri! electro, buoyant with optimi!ic energy and skittish rhythms. Shorter and crunchier, the Drexciya homage ‘Sierra Nevada’ sees Palaz turn his analogue gear inwards in order to create a ruthlessly calculated rave weapon that wears its influence proudly. The record only grows denser amid the high-tempo of ‘Equations’, a frenetic drum pattern giving way to the record’s underlying texture of melancholy and even contemplative nature, as heard on the wi!ful frequencies of EP closer, ‘Surface’. “Musicians are compelled to play anything”, a voice notes as the record winds down. “It goes !raight to the throne of the universe.” – John Thorp

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