Red Arremer EP


Radio Mars

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Limited to 100 copies in a red color vinyl (No digital)

One day, I received this message :

Here is my project “RED ARREMER” all the tracks come from deep and dark mines!
Take it out in 100 copies. Thank you.

I took the opportunity to ask him for another track but he didn’t want to!
I insisted and finally he gave in. In return, the track does not appear on the label but it is well engraved on the plastic which I called “Bonus Track”

I tried to know more about him, his musical biography, his place of residence etc etc …
just to get an idea and be able to describe his music. But in vain….

I don’t know anything about him anymore but I want to thank him for his musical environment and this indescribable music….

Welcome on the red planet RED ARREMER !!!

¡ hold on tight !

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