Sierra Madre 12″


Slow Motion

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Next up on Slow Motion, Rodion and Fabrizio Mammarella are back with another precious collaboration EP since “Appennini” released in 2012 but never forgotten in the fame.

They have been like brothers for many years, and after many collaborations, these two producers are well attuned to each other in their musical soul. Rodion and Fabrizio are both very sophisticated producers and known for their dramatic melodies, mixed with synthesized funk and disco, which turns it into emotional freaky electronic music.

All tracks are recorded in Mexico City, bringing in Mexican artist Mijo as a featuring on the track ‘’Cerro Gordo’’. Moreover, italo-belgian duo Front De Cadeaux join with a remix that grabs elements from both the original tracks, reworked in one timeless piece of music.

We are proud and delighted to present to you: “Sierra Madre”.

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