Plante 7″


Le Pacifique Records

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ORIGINAL MIX ◊ Chimes, bells, metal against metal, a distant voice, a premonition ; altogether, it’s a beautiful darkness, one that comes together in an alien fruition !

SYLVAIN CHAUVEAU RMX ◊ The sun ascends sharply. Lying in bed I feel a sense of remorse ; I rise with the melody of a violin in some place not so far away ; Coster escorts the listener from their clicking complacency to a warning for things to come.

CRISTIAN VOGEL RMX ◊ A rainspout overflows, drip by drip, on a pile of sheet metal down below, vibrating, building to a crescendo of drops in an otherwise hypnotic sequence of echoes. The manmade feature of this track is stunning; it is industrial, a vacant warehouse of cobalt sound.

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