Sephoria EP



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Sam McQueen’s 2004 EP Sephoria is next up to get the Delsin remaster, recut and reissue treatment. The Chicago native has released music as Indio with the likes of John Beltran and also appeared on the Indigo Area label. Across six cuts here -two of which have new titles- the little known producer mixes up. There is serene ambient landscaping on the ‘Inception’ and the beatless ‘Graduated Frequencies’, which resonates with exquisitely melancholic synths, then ‘Simple Pleasure’ is a celestial world of wiry synths and warm solar winds and 14 days has pillow drum programming and soft focus chords that sooth the soul. ‘Yemia’ is another symphony of chattery drum hits, meaningful chords and real astral techno beauty and ‘Outer Drive’ closes down the epic space voyage with delicate melodies and melancholic synths that encourage you to lay back and gaze into a starry night sky.

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