Plaisir Partagé

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Tired of those balearic parties where everyone moves slowly and wear floral shirts ? Try the new Shelter and shake your molecules all night long ! Robot Dance, bosa rhythm and Plaisir guaranteed on Krew G.G.G, a slow Electro ballad interact with a familiar Italo theme mixed by a weird ass dub wizard. Meet your B-Boys and experiment these new tricks on BigMove where 808 beat sounds more like phased 505 and classic 303 bassline is played on DX7, Nifty samples and weird pads adds up to create a strange ambiance Shelter didn’t seek to parody or exaggerate 80’s break and electro but just to push it in directions he thought it didn’t explore well enough. This one maxi definitely feels like a big move. Trust us this time Shelter is gonna break your club!

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SKU: PP003 (Plaisir Partagé)