De Stijl 02 12″


De Stijl

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The second release on Artefakt’s De Stijl expands the sound of the imprint introducing three new names to the catalog. The record ascends into a subterranean rave with Aphelions’ ‘Temple 7’ depicting a ritualistic gathering carved out in distorted analog transients, shimmering melodies and modulated voices moving over deep pounding sub frequencies. Label founders Artefakt sustain the urgency on the A side with ‘Agents Of Reality’, a high energy uncompromised off-beat structure venturing into eery resonant pads gravitating towards a subdued acid motive. Energy shifts towards subsonic atmospheres takes place on the B side, as Artificial Drm envelops the listener in a layered driven spectacle with his heady piece ‘Human With No Name’. From the residual hiss and feedback tones of the B1, Northern Electronics affiliate Korridor emerges with an epic ambient piece titled ‘VI’. Lush pads and analog square bass-lines drift off into rhythmical arpeggiations bringing a close to versatile record which transports the listener to another place and feeds the imagination.

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