Modernation Vol. 2 Tape


Italo Moderni

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ITALO MODERNI brings Modernation Vol.2 it’s the second compilation from 4. Take a deep breath as we take our next voyage to Italo’s galactic dimension, rich and refined sounds that will elevate those dancing shoes and bring you to an intergalactic world of pure 80’s cutting synths transporting you across the cosmic bubble. We have tracks from the likes of Kid Machine,. Ali Renault, ┬áDaniel Monaco, Luca de’ll Orso, Marcello Giordani etc. Through this galactic universe we take a break from these depressing times and enter an era of energetic sounds from the most prolific wizards out there in the modern scene. We are so thrilled to present Modernation volume 2. A big thank you to all the artists who contributed in this fantastic compilation.

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