D. Carred I Want To Know The World 2 x 12″

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After 25 years Bordello A Parigi offers you these mid-80's italo-disco-bangers on vinyl again. Three old killer releases transformed in one reissue. The three course menu contains the two 1985 hard hittin' D. Carred obscurities and continues with this spicey hidden gem 'I'll Go Where I Like To Go' from Rambles, which was D. Carred's first production on vinyl in 1984. On top of this sunny mountain of an Italian pie you'll get two extra remixes of 'You'll Be A Winner' by the Danish crme de la crme of italo: Flemming Dalum and Mike Salta. Comes with beautiful picture cover and illustrated inner sleeves. Limited pressing of 500 records. An action packed must have!

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