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Forest Jams

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Mori Ra brings Oriental Forest to the occidental Forest Jams label based in southern California. This is a super limited release with less than 250 copies available worldwide. No repress.

“Forest Jams goes to the eastern part of the woods for this release, where cratemaster Mori Ra is waiting and ready to pull out the deep forest disco. This 12″ will go down a treat on Camp Cosmic!” – Albion

“I’m inside the oriental forest, enjoying the rays of sun shining through the leaves” – Basso

“Take the first airliner to Mori’s magical forest. You’ll want to stay forever, wrapped in warm pads, getting lost in a labyrinth of MIDI percussion and gleaming synths.” – Brandon Hocura (Invisible City)

“Another stellar release from Mori Ra. Oriental Forest is sure to get a tonne of play. Especially the B side! Oriental Gleaming Body is a masterpiece followed by Groovy is sure to make you feel very groovy indeed. Congrats Mori! Best.” – Len Leise

“Beautiful musical journey starting with Chinese airlines, to get to Beijing and enjoy an afternoon in the Forbidden City, then moving to Japan, landing in Tokyo and come to an after hour, in a private club in the top floor of a skyscraper, dance with beautiful girls, go out to the club, to the closure, and with them, and fly for arrive in time to enjoy a beautiful sunset on a beach in Bali, after resting, fly to Bangkok to make shopping in the neighborhood of little Italy…then…wake up and realize it was only a dream, a beautiful dream with this great EP, thanks for the journey Mori Ra” – Leo Mas

“The selection of Mori Ra always delight, bewilder, and excite me! I am thrilled every time he release a record and the Oriental Forest is yet again another strange and wonderful release. 10/10!!!” – Ruf Dug”

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