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S & M Trading Co. Metal Surface Repair 12”

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If your metallic fascias need a bit of work, the S&M Trading Co – a newly incorporated collaboration between Fit Sound supremo Aaron “Fit” Siegel and Norwegian eccentric DJ Sotofett – is here to help. This first 12″ does a good job in showcasing their (imaginary) services, primarily via the epic and mind-altering A-side “Metal Surface Repair”. It’s sparse, spacey, undulating and intoxicating, with the action focused on clanging machine percussion hits, intergalactic chords and a restless TB-303 acid line. Sotofett handles remix duties on the flipside, first exploring wilder acid house pastures on the aptly named “Acidic Mix” before taking us on a druggy ambient acid trip on the excellent “Synthetic Mix”.

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