Turista Todos os Pássaros São Meus Amigos EP

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After a hiatus in Extended Records, we return with our sub label for vinyl releases called Discos Extendes.

Our first record, “Todos os Pássaros São Meus Amigos” is from a new Portuguese project called Turista, another moniker from the well known Hugo Vinagre (Miguel Torga / Early Jacker).

On the A Side, “Hippies” and “Kimbundu” are two slow burners with heavy vocal samples, taking us to tribal and African landscapes.

On the B Side we have another original called “Mantra” and a remix made by Internal Ny Rhythms, a moniker from a well known Portuguese producer, that extends “Kimbundu” to a melting Dub trip. A proper mental groove for special dance floors.

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