Borokov Borokov Los Bollen EP

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Awaiting their second studio-album Rotkat Records releases LOS BOLLEN, the first live (mini) album of the Belgian unurban band Borokov Borokov (mastered by CJ BOLLAND)

The original tracks were recorded in the kitchen of A. Omloops former employer where B. Van den Eynden, N. Melis and Y. Tsakiridis had hidden for the period of a working day. Every song was composed and finished during Omloops scheduled breaks.

As part of Borokov Borokov’s performances, the kitchen registration finally became known as LOS BOLLEN. This segment of the live show is characterized by rigid perpendicular dance, disorientation, and asexual intimidation. The record contains fragments of concerts at the AB (Brussels), the Rivierenhof (with Jacky) (Deurne), Kinky Star (Ghent), etc. and at the Gransnapolsky festival (Kootwijk).

Both sides of the record end with the single ‘VIER’, not coincidentally both number (4) and imperative (‘Celebrate’) in Dutch.

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