La Boum EP


Bordello A Parigi

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Quadratschulz is famed for his unmistakable blend of smooth electro grooves and playful melodies. It is this combination that the German synthman brings to his debut 12” on Bordello A Parigi, La Boum. Four cheer soaked pieces make up the EP with the radiant title piece opening. A cocktail of crisp beats, clean keys and just a twist of acid are blended to produce a fresh and uplifting tune. Braindance and chiptune influences abound, coming to the fore in the squirming and squelching energy of “Unfriend.” Drums and stabbing keys are washed in a light 303 rinse for a mischievous musical medley. The flip is introduced by the rich analogue tones of “Beta Industries.” Lush, this subtle work is moulded with layers of understated snares, crystalline keys and textured pads to create a beautifully delicate piece. The last order, “For Your Mind”, is a tall glass of electrofunk. Razor sharp rhythms are further honed by slashes of vocoder lyrics, cascading notes and some bitter knob jerks culminate to round of the superb La Boum.

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