Roman Poncet Gypsophila Remixes 12″



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Roman Poncet’s 2018 debut LP stands an impressive work in its own right. Now Figure has invited a group of artists to contribute new takes on standout album cuts. Some clearly for the floor, some nestling on its verges. But all adding to the unique Gypsophila-vibe. Antigone turns in dust shaking flurry of tribal drumming, ceaselessly pounding and rattling away for an exhilarating and at the same time grounding rhythmic experience. Wiggling and squelching, Efdemin blends a bunch of lively elements into one wildly roaming remix, which despite all its inner momentum retains an orderly structure, testament to the artist’s extraordinary production skills. On the flipside, Margaret Dygas adventurously goes on a trip of finely tuned acoustics, patiently letting each sound grow into what becomes an enthralling piece of enchanted electronica. Evocative, emotional and of serene beauty, Echoplex closes the collection with an epic track, led by grand strings and flute-like synths, begging to be dropped at the break of dawn.

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