Assassin EP


Bordello A Parigi

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Bordello A Parigi is on the hunt once again, this time journeying to southern France to unearth an up and coming sect of synthesizer sorcerers: Blind Delon. Hailing from Toulouse, the triumvirate of Mathis Kolkoz, Théo Fantuz and Coco Thiburs offer a sound that combines indie and wave with seemingly effortless execution. The soft interlude of “Sometimes” introduces Assassin. A groove grips pulsing rhythms, subtle strings and throaty vocals in the captivating “Sombre Soleil”. Those vocals become even deeper in the dreamy “J’ai Honte”. Smoke spirals around keys in this brooding work of guitars rifts and bruised egos. The title piece perfectly melds warm strings with cold synthlines for a superb climax to an EP that exudes modern synth-wave chic.

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