C-Scape EP


Magic Waves

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The ‘C-Scape’ EP from Chromengel is the latest release on the Magic Waves label and features four tracks fit to set your turntables on fire once again! Chromengel is a secret production alias of an original 1970s kosmische and synth-wave veteran producer, and while the tracks all sound sonically fresher-than-fresh the musical experience shines through in equal measure. Opening the record is the title track, ‘C-Scape’, a melancholic leftfield electro builder that has “instant classic” stamped all over it, and is followed up by the dark and deep dubbed-out electronic space sounds of ‘Khamsin’, a modern-day masterpiece evoking memories of Basic Channel, Aural Float and Air Liquide amongst others. Side B kicks off with ‘Wes Too’, a progressive piece of contemporary kosmische action that takes the energy levels to a climax before we finally crash down to Earth again with a bump for ‘Photosynthetik’, an electro beast that’s as mean as it is futuristic and as tough as it is slick. As usual the pressing is limited so grab this while stocks last!

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