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In 2012 Bottin presented a mysterious neo-italo-wave band: Cristalli Liquidi. This album, finally, unveils the mystery: Cristalli Liquidi is not a band, not in the conventional sense of the word. It’s entirely Bottin’s music, lyrics and vocals, with a little help from his friends. This long overdue LP not only introduces original works, but also breathes new life into remakes of obscure Italian pop songs.

Sun-blushed synthwork is embraced by vocals steeped in romance, vocals en Italiano no less. The many guises of the glitterball are unveiled, from the deep bass and smooth funk of 70s disco into the catchy hooks of the 80s and beyond to darker tones and lovelorn laments.  Across nine tracks the Venetian takes you on a journey, as his homeland of Italy is musically explored through past and present.

Cristalli Liquidi is an album some five years in the making, five years at first glance. In reality, this LP is a narrative that spans almost thirty-five years. From the poets and songwriters who inspired Bottin to the friendships and collaborations that made this project possible, this is an album forged through memories old and new; a heartfelt account of relationships between people (and synthesizers too!).

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