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The entire output by the Italian cold wave pioneers DER BLAUE REITER was written between 1980 and 1981 and recorded in 1983 but all songs were shelved and unreleased back then. It was a real honour for us to make them public for the first time on our long deleted EPITAPH 1980-1983 album in 2016. However, Stefano Tirone, the widely experienced musician, producer and mastermind behind DBR always had the idea of bringing those great old songs up to date in a more electronic approach. Hence, in 2017 he decided to start re-recording the tracks using his vintage, exceptionally well-kept synthesizers and drum machines. The only non-electronic instrument here is an old F.H. Kühling vertical piano. For the vocals, Stefano used the original 1983 recording which together with the distinctive, analogue sound of all the instruments have preserved the minimalistic, primary feel of these cold wave anthems. So, are they modern? YES! Are they classic? YES! They sound just the way we love early electronics to sound and with an astounding technical quality! Minimal synth at its very best!

Instruments used on the recordings:

Synthesizers: Korg MS-20, Korg Polysix, Roland Juno-106, Oberheim Matrix 1000
Drum machines: Korg Rhythm 55, Roland CR-78, Boss DR-55
F.H. Kühling acoustic vertical piano

We are so glad to present you these new versions that we have called EPITAPH REVISITED on a limited, hand numbered edition of 200 vinyl copies only, housed in a matt finish sleeve, including a download code.

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