Metamorphosis EP


Temporal Cast

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Escape Artist has got some new tricks. We are so stoked to welcome Melbourne local and our good friend to the imprint with this stinkin’ four-tracker, showcasing exactly what makes Escape Artist’s sound so special. ‘Neurolink’ is a temporal transmission with crisp percussion laying out the structure. Fleshed out by luscious pads and that genius warm ride that builds you up ’til the high-hat hits you into a higher state of consciousness. That’s until ‘Designer Reality’ pulls you right out and suspends you into a zonked out dance-floor dream. It’s a textural, meditative chugger. The title track, ‘Metamorphosis’, really is a transformative experience and the more we listen to it, the more we can’t believe it. Escape Artist creates, over seven minutes, a tranquil yet driving soundscape and it feels like taking a whooshing meteor ride through the sky, surfing the valley of your dreams. The EP is rounded out by a penetrating acid line, more classy breaks, a lil bit of siren and a sonic meltdown – thanks to ‘Techno Emergency’. Get on the Escape Artist rocket!

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