Midnight Confessions Vol. 1 LP


Bordello A Parigi

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It’s with a heart brimming with pride that Bordello A Parigi welcomes Italoconnection back to the family with their latest album: Midnight Confessions Vol. 1. The team of Fred Ventura, a legend of Italo Disco, and Paolo Gozzetti, a stalwart of Italian electronics, arrive with eight tracks that shimmer with sun-kissed synths and love-filled lyrics. A strew of like-minded musicians have been called upon to bring their own unique ideas and styles to this album. Sweden’s Tobias Bernstrup offers his vocals in the environmentally minded “Rainbow Warrior,” while the unique and unmistakable voice of French pop icon Etienne Daho sings in the charged “Virus X”. Modern day electro-disco maestros feature with Carino Cat collaborating in the warming rays of “The Year of the Sun”. Newcomers to the scene are also represented, Francesca Diprima’s voice accompanying Fred Ventura’s in the lovelorn lament of “Since You Went Away”. And at the heart of the album are Ventura and Gozzetti; a record that explores classic themes while introducing a wider commentary, a collection of bold brilliance and synthesizer subtilty.

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