It’s Magic EP


Itinerant Dub 

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2019 has sparked a new evolution for the transient broken beats of London’s Itinerant Dubs.
The enigmatic imprint has been running in silo since 2013, providing the final strongholds of the underground with innovative bass aesthetics and an intoxicating electro swarm. In fact, “It’s Magic” opens the A-side with a cold, bruising cut of metallic percussion wrapped around lonesome, dystopian bleeps and form-shifting synths. Minimised and stripped-back to its core functions, guided by bold infusions of breaks. “Oh She Dance” is the duo’s most playful construction yet, mashing up a loose jungle flow with more rigid breakbeat science to form a deathly machine-gun of sonics. Bullets keep spraying across “Salsa On Mars” – a raucous, percussion-heavy slice of dubbed-out house – albeit with a moodier, more introspective groove that takes its ammunition from London’s inimitable jazz arsenal.

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