A Real Mother For Ya (Ben Liebrand Disco, Jackin’ & Essential Mix) 12″


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Strap yourself in and get ready to blast off into the stratosphere on the rocket ship that is; A Real Mother For Ya” by Johnny Guitar Watson.

High Fashion Music are proud to present these new re-issues. After bringing the Old Skool remixes to you, now Ben Liebrand demonstrates why he’s one of the best dance music producers around with a variety of hot mixes that manage to tick all the right boxes and subtly offer a little something for everyone.

The Nu Disco versions pick up the pace. There are three to choose from. The ‘Essential Mix’ incorporates a pulsating, bumping vibe with rolling loops and an authentic disco drum section to create an infectious groove that’s amplified with a killer vocal and delivers a sure fired dance floor bomb. The ‘Jackin Mix’ is the more traditional low slung Philly, Funk, boogie style vibe that oozes brass and class. A lovely slap guitar, orchestral stabs and horn section compliment vocal to perfection and make this version a must-have for all serious Disco heads. Finally, the ‘Go To A Disco Mix’ adds to the Essential vibe, with more horn and a bit more funk.

This is pure future boogie gold!

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